The Past

We’ve screened a lot of brilliant films at NLFF, and after much heated debate we’ve chosen five that sum up the best of NLFF past. We hope you agree with our choices! You can experience the agonising drama of Festen and the laugh out loud fun of Kops once again, and we’re also thrilled to present to you a very special, once-in-a-lifetime screening of the magical Into Great Silence at St. Paul’s Church, Jarrow.

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Dogme # 1 — Festen

Dogme # 1 — Festen 15
Saturday 8 December

After the Wedding

After the Wedding 15
Sunday 9 December


Kops 12A
Sunday 9 December

Into Great Silence

Into Great Silence U at St. Paul’s Church, Jarrow
Sunday 9 December

Screaming Masterpiece

Screaming Masterpiece 12A
Sunday 9 December

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 December 2007

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