Punk: Attitude 18

Saturday 18th November, 3.50pm (T)

Director: Don Letts, Documentary, 89 minutes, UK & USA, 2005.

“Punk, my arse. you can tell she dresses up like a punk to go to a punk do and probably puts on a red, gold and green hat to go to a reggae do. I’ll tell you who’s another one, Janet Street-Porter! She’s the same kinda thing. I see her do the 50s thing for TV and she wears all 50s clothes and I saw her on the punk rock thing with a t-shirt with ‘Punk’ on the front. She’s fulla shit! you ain’t got to do that. It’s like me cutting my hair to go see a white pop show.”

That was a young, vitriolic Don Letts interviewed in Sniffin’ Glue in February 1977. Letts is famous as a musician, DJ and filmmaker (in particular as the man who best captured The Clash on film). Punk: Attitude has a star-studded cast of historic and modern figures telling it like it really was, combining recent interviews with rare and famous archival footage.

“Brilliant” - digitallyobsessed

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