I’m the Angel of Death - Pusher 3 18 Regional Premiere

I’m the Angel of Death - Pusher 3

Saturday 18th November, 7.30pm (G)
Tuesday 21st November, 4.05pm (T) Two for One tickets (icon)

Director: Nicholas Winding Refn, Feature, 90 minutes, Denmark, 2005, Danish with English subtitles.

The third part of Nicholas Winding Refn’s stunning Pusher trilogy. You’ll be hanging onto your seat as Refn takes you through the seedy underworld of Serbian drug lord Milo, who’s busy preparing his daughter’s 25th birthday party.

Finding his position threatened by a younger Albanian immigrant gang who are honing in on his territory, within 24 hours he must broker deals, dispose of corpses and plan the celebrations. Once again Refn takes you to places your imagination would not dare to tread...

“Refn has made a nervous, absorbing film that plays like a feature-length version of the paranoia-drenched cooking scene from Martin Scorcese’s Goodfellas” – Variety

Plus short film: Road UK Premiere

Director: Michael Pattison, Short, UK, 4 minutes 2006, English.

The tale of two backpackers who are left for dead on a deserted country road. Told entirely in point of view shots, it is a teasing dissection of the two primary elements of cinema: sight and sound. A beautifully shot thriller that will leave you wanting more than its short running time allows.

Mentored by filmmaker Andrew Coats, Michael Pattison directed the film and edited alongside scriptwriter Sophia Pitt. The film was produced and sound designed by Cherylanne Morton. Cinematography by James Mernagh. This film is based on an original idea by Michael Pattison and James Mernagh.

See the brilliant Gambler, Refn’s journey through the Danish Film Industry.

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