Go for Zucker! 12 Alles auf Zucker! UK Premiere

Go for Zucker!

Saturday 18th November, 1.40pm (T) Two for One tickets (icon)
Monday 20th November, 6.20pm (T)
Tuesday 21st November, 7.30pm (G)

Director: Dani Levy, Feature, 90 minutes, Germany, 2004, German with English subtitles.

A truly unorthodox comedy from Germany, Go For Zucker! is the tale of top billiard player and former East German sports announcer Jaeckie Zucker, a prolific gambler and hustler who now makes his cash in the reunified Germany by conning poor saps in billiard halls across Berlin to pay his mounting debts.

When his Orthodox Jewish mother dies, Zucker receives a telegram from his estranged brother telling him the news. He then discovers that her dying wishes are not only to be buried in her hometown, but that he and his brother Samuel must make their peace and observe the seven-day mourning ceremony of Shivah or lose out on their inheritance.

Jaeckie’s stunned, for a man who’s never observed Judaism, and who has a major billiard tournament coming up in Berlin, he suddenly has a really big problem...

This very funny movie was a huge hit in its homeland, and it translates well. Trust us, you’ll be giggling all the way home.

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